Kookaburra Theatre

The PAX Geek Parenting Forum

For the sixth year running, our panel of PAX Aus parents will gather to discuss our experiences in raising the next generation of geeks, gamers, coders and storytellers.

Should you let your ten-year-old play Grand Theft Auto? Is your teen keen to launch their streaming career? How do you upgrade from dress-ups to Cosplay? What are the best boardgames for your eight-year-old? When is old enough to introduce Maker-Culture or learn coding?

Come along with your questions and stories about raising your own geek-lets, there will be lots of discussion. Kids welcome!


Dan Donahoo [Geek Dad & Learning Producer, Deeper Richer], Sarah Callan [Geek Mum & Cosplayer, R4hscal Cosplay], Sarah Ellen [Geek Mum & Writer, Player2.net.au], Seamus Byrne [Geek Dad & Writer/Broadcaster of Digital Culture, Financial Review], Emma Rennison [Geek Mum, Full Time], Craig Peebles [Geek Dad & iOS Developer, Carsales]