Kookaburra Theatre

The Pinny Arcade Community Presents: A Winner is You Too!

Bigger and better you asked? Well, we humbly deliver. Unshackled from Story Time - We’re presenting a full 50 minute Pinny Arcade game show panel where even you can win! Esteemed representatives will go "Head 2 Head" in a battle of wits and knowledge and you can be involved! Just a whole lot of fun, now with added (optional) audience engagement. It’s gonna be "A*Mazing!" Who Dares, Pins!


Senno [Former Editor Pinny Arcade Pinnypals Facebook], Interesting_Mix [Pinny Arcade Community], Sennohki [Pinny Arcade Community], Aussieben [Pinny Arcade Indie Developer Liason], Saachisez [Pinny Arcade Community], AgentCooper [Pinny Arcade Community]