Kookaburra Theatre

Who is Gaming's True Queer Icon?

From Isabelle to Tracer to FFX-2’s Yuna, who is the queerest of them all? Join a mix of queer geeks as they try to convince you why their character should don the rainbow flags. Each person will get five minutes to pitch their case before the crowd (that’s you!) decide the top two who will then battle it out in a pitch for the crown.


Julian Rizzo-Smith [Freelance Writer, Junkee], Ginny Woo [Freelance Writer, GameSpot], Peak Distapan [Professional Dungeon Master, Dungeons and Drag Queers], Angharad Yeo [TV Presenter, ABC], Jordan Raskopoulos [Comedian, JordanRasko], Jess McDonell [Video Producer, GameSpot]