Wombat Theatre

WrestleBrainia: The Games Edition

A look at some of the most popular games each and every year. Wrestling games, well wrestling and fighting games. The hit show of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is making its debut at PAX. Think Spicks and Specks with a focus on wrestling and fighting games in a fast paced and very funny question and answer show the audience and panelists will have a ball with. There are a range of topics and round including special features, how’d they pull that move off, what do you mean there’s no ring, and why is there so much talking, let’s fight! (plus more)!

Featuring real life wrestlers and some of Melbourne and the worlds best comics in a showdown to the game exaggerated death.

Who will win? Who will lose? Does anyone really care? This panel show is fast, furious and a lot of silly fun!


Geoff Setty [Head honcho, WrestleBrainia]