This is it, the cream of the crop - the complete list of all previous PAX Aus Indie Showcase winners.


Developed by: Spoonful of Wonder
Genre: Narrative-driven, Heartfelt, Adventure
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox X/S, Nintendo Switch, Mac

Copycat is a narrative-driven indie game about rejection, belonging and the meaning of home. This game can be described as ‘Stray’ (BlueTwelve Studio, 2022) meets ‘Life Is Strange’ (Square Enix, 2015) in ‘The Stanley Parable’ (Galactic Cafe, 2013) universe. Copycat follows the story of a newly adopted shelter cat who becomes the victim of an elaborate plan when a jealous, stray copycat steals her place in the household.

Crash Course Builder

Developed by: Wombat Brawler
Genre: Arcade, Rhythm, Racer
Platform: PC via Steam, Switch, Xbox, Playstation, Mobile

Crash Course Builder is an intense, quick twitch, rhythm racer filled with screen rattling explosions and hilarious rag doll physics. Crash your kart through insane obstacle courses uploaded from around the globe or build your own to challenge your friends!


Developed by: We Have Always Lived In The Forest
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Horror
Platform: PC

darkwebSTREAMER is a psychological horror RPG streaming simulation game. Play as an occult streamer on the dark web, exploring the internet for the weirdest and creepiest things you can find in order to bring them back to your stream and impress your audience enough to gain those sweet, sweet likes and subscribers.

Unfortunately for you, the supernatural is real -- the more you engage with the darkness of the web, the more it will engage with you. Survive your increasingly haunted apartment - as well as your deranged fans - on your mission to become the #1 ranked streamer... or die trying.

Hailed as one of their most anticipated indie games by outlets such as IGN, Kotaku and PCGamer, darkwebSTREAMER is completely procedurally generated, meaning every time you play you'll encounter a different world, different characters, different internet and a different story every time.

The Drifter    

Developed by: Powerhoof
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC, Switch

A Pulp Adventure Thriller from the makers of Crawl - A drifter, murdered, finds himself alive again seconds before his death. Struggling to maintain his sanity, can he unravel the conspiracy surrounding his condition and those hunting him?

The Drifter is a fast-paced take on the point and click adventure. Optimised for gamepad with unique twin-stick controls.

The Dungeon Experience

Developed by: Bone Assembly
Genre: First Person Comedy Narrative
Platform: PC

Visit The Dungeon Experience! A thrilling world of high fantasy run by me, a level 1 mud-crab turned entrepreneur. Put your real world responsibilities on hold with a first-person guided adventure to achieve financial freedom and uncover the secrets of the mindhole.

Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero

Developed by: Toybox Games Studios
Genre: Action/Adventure
Platform: PC via Steam

Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero tells the tale of Brunt, an anthropomorphic combat wombat on her first adventure in the fantasy world, Eridal. Embark on this epic 3rd person action-filled adventure, uncover how this world came to be, and meet new legends that will help shape the future of Eridal!

Alien Frenzy

Developed by: Comet Squid
Genre: Card Game, Sci-Fi
Platform: Tabletop

Alien Frenzy is a wildly chaotic and competitive card game that plunges players head first into an alien invasion. The game unfolds in two thrilling phases with gameplay designed for 2-4 players.

The game begins in the Preparation phase, before the Aliens have invaded. Here, players take turns playing and drawing cards to improve their hand and mess with opponents. However, the tension builds as players desperately try to avoid drawing a dreaded UFO card, as this triggers the invasion, and places that unlucky player at the forefront of the action.

During the Invasion phase, players take turns playing cards, and revealing Invasion cards. Here players come face to face with the Aliens and must fend off their attacks with Character cards. Once a player has no Character cards left, they are eliminated from the game. Who will be the last player standing amidst the frenzy of the Alien Invasion? Only the most strategic and resilient will emerge victorious.

Boba Master

Developed by: Quokka Games
Genre: Family, Party, Casual, Memory
Platform: Tabletop

Boba Master is a very engaging card game about making bubble tea. It’s full of action, easy to pick up and gets rowdy very quickly. Steal from your opponents, force them to make mistakes. Stir up the game by swapping hands or even swapping bubble teas. Be the first to complete your bubble teas and become the Boba Master!

Kingless: Festival of Explosions

Developed by: Two19
Genre: Take That, Party Game
Platform: Tabletop

Once a year, Surge RumbleBoom's Festival of Explosions draws the dwarves from the Hammer and Crown, trading indoor quarrels for festive fun. A wild extravaganza, the Festival of Explosions is the perfect cover for plotting in the shadows to win the crown, but even the best laid plans can falter amidst the merry chaos of feasting, fireworks, and games.

The Festival of Explosions marks the first expansion to Kingless. Allowing players to combine tried-and-true schemes with 52 new cards packed with fresh mechanics, characters, items, events, and something truly different to win the crown!

Saltfish & Almanacs

Developed by: Storybrewers Roleplaying
Genre: Indie RPG; Storytelling; Merchants; Slice-of-Life
Platform: Tabletop

Sell your wares on a seasonal journey full of wonder and self-discovery.

Saltfish & Almanacs is a storytelling RPG about a merchant company embarking on their yearly journey through new and familiar places. You and your fellow merchants travel your trade route, experiencing life on the road, before visiting bustling port towns and quaint inland villages.

As you buy and sell goods, you’ll craft your own story of discovery, love, passion, and what it means to be parted. How will your journey change you?

Box Knight

Developed by: WeMat Studios
Genre: Action RPG Roguelike
Platform: Windows

A funny, silly and irreverent action RPG roguelike. A mix of ‘the Office’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ with an animated cartoon like aesthetic.

The office has fallen into darkness. A ‘toxic’ workplace has transformed the once happy employees into dark and dangerous creatures.The office waits for a hero. You! Become the Box Knight and bring light back to this dark place.

By day you're just a normal office worker, but when the clock hits 5pm on a Friday you become the Box Knight - Protector of the office realm. Fighter of evil beings, deliverer of beers, wine and non-alcoholic beverages to your fellow workers in need. A champion of ‘culture’ in the now blighted workplace. Level by level, department by department you liberate the office of the toxic scourge that has plagued the once great company. Your end goal, battle your way up the Office tower and defeat the CEO in glorious battle or die trying...and do it all over again next week.


Developed by: Studio Folly
Genre: Word / Puzzle
Platform: iOS

Gubbins is a friendly puzzle game where players place tiles to construct words, with the help and hindrance of wildcard modifiers called Gubbins.

Minimalist typography alongside mischievous cartoons serve as a kooky canvas for moreish wordplay. It’s essentially Solitaire meets Scrabble with hilarious friends wreaking havoc.

Repella Fella

Developed by: Misadventurous
Genre: Point n Click Adventure
Platform: Windows

Repella Fella is set in a future, post-apocalyptic Australia. It tells the story of 3 main characters as they work towards a better life. How they reach that life is up to you. Shoot, stab, lie and maim your way through any problem that presents itself. Absurdist humor, and branching options making for a highly replayable experience.

Rooftop Renegade

Developed by: Melonhead Games
Genre: Platformer, Arcade, Party, Speedrunner
Platform: Console

ROOFTOP RENEGADE puts you in the Chrono-Kicks of Svetlana, a hoverblading outlaw with the ability to portal through time. Take on the evil Globacorp by stealing scattered time crystals before they catch you.

BOOST, GRIND and WARP your way through challenge levels, generated levels, and chaotic local multiplayer, all while Globacorp's attack squad chase you down!


Developed by: Witch Beam
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Windows

Tempopo is a contemplative puzzle game about planning & execution in which you rescue musical flowers across sky islands.

Each puzzle takes place on its own island with the lovable Tempopo sprites following each instruction you place to achieve their goal.

The Tempopo have powerful abilities but without your guidance, they will fall prey to the many hazards throughout Atmo.

Rescuing the lost flowerbed band will fill your sky island garden with joyful music, as each bloom contributes its musical element.

TopplePOP Bungee Blockbusters

Developed by: ArkimA
Genre: Puzzle Esport
Platform: Windows

Welcome to the jumble! TopplePOP is a physics puzzle party with bendy animal acrobats on bungee cords for 1-4 players in solo, co-op & PvP. Master precision eSport skills to dominate team battles & racing leaderboards! -Or don't! With all-ages assist-modes, bouncy couch co-op & chill zen puzzles.

Aethermon: Tower of Darkness

Developed by: 3rd Place Games Pty Ltd
Genre: Cooperative Roguelike
Platform: Tabletop

Aethermon: Tower of Darkness is a narrative-heavy co-operative roguelike board game for 2-5 players, that plays in about 1 hour.

Players take the role of a band of adventurers climbing the fabled Tower of Darkness to put a stop to the evil Hand of Erebos before they unleash an ancient malevolent power.

In Aethermon: Tower of Darkness, players bond with their own elemental monsters known as Aethermon. Every player Aethermon has access to a unique deck of Battle Cards, with each of the nine elements specialising in their own mechanics. For example, Sun Aethermon ignore opponents’ Armour; Fire Aethermon discard cards to enhance their abilities; and Sky Aethermon combine attacks over multiple turns.

The story of the Tower of Darkness unfolds via a randomised deck of choose-your-own-adventure-style quests that can gain players support items, artefacts or further the success of their allies.

Players must choose when to battle and when to quest; what sacrifices they are willing to make for their allies; and how much they will risk for the tower’s relics. Can you make it to the top?

Pixel Star: Frontier

Developed by: Mauii Makes Games
Genre: Strategy, Space, Skirmish
Platform: Tabletop

Fight for control of the Pixel Star, in an easy to learn 2-4 player space skirmish game, with unique dice action selection and little pixel ships that can fit in your pocket and be played on any table.

Build your own fleet of pixel ships, pop them out of their stat cards, roll all the action dice for the round, and take turns claiming dice to assign to your fleet. Keep an eye on all the actions available each round though, as you and all your opponents are taking from the same pool of dice! Easy to teach and playable on any table, with the salt and pepper for asteroids if need be*, Pixel Star is the perfect skirmish game to throw in your pocket for the next game night or local tournament.

*Salt and Pepper not tournament legal.

The Score

Developed by: Tin Star Games
Genre: Creative Game, Story Game
Platform: Tabletop

18 cards. 18 minutes. No GM. And the heist of a lifetime. The Score is a unique kind of story-creation game unlike anything you've ever played. Gather your crew, pick your target and get in and out in under 18 minutes - guaranteed.

Yum Cha

Developed by: Quokka Games
Genre: Strategic Fishing, Set Collection Card Game
Platform: Tabletop

Yum Cha is a strategic fishing and set collection card game themed around the popular Chinese brunch, featuring adorable anthropomorphic delicacies. It is a straightforward card game, where players make simple decisions to collect their favourite and most unique Yum Cha and fight for the honour to pay the bill!

Yum Cha is a two to six player game. The objective of the game is to accumulate the most points after four rounds. Players can strategically collect small, medium, big and dessert dim sums to wrap up the game quickly, or go for glory and collect the super, special, and top dim sums to score big. Alternatively, players can play safe and grab some takeaway. But there’s a catch! Play too safe, and you might never win!

Discover and learn about some mouth-watering dishes from our menu and impress your friends with its Chinese name next time you order Yum Cha. Enjoy a good time drinking tea with your loved ones; is what Yum Cha is all about. ‘Yum Cha’ literally means to drink tea!

A Township Tale

Developed by: Alta
Genre: Multiplayer VR RPG
Platform: Windows

A Township Tale is an open-world RPG designed specifically for VR. Explore the world, master your craft, and forge your tale.


Developed by: Mellow Games
Genre: Narrative Platformer
Platform: Windows

Go on a journey through a woman’s mind from birth to death in this emotional story platformer. Climb the Tower of Life and gather the pieces of Blueberry's shattered memories, find the missing ones and unravel the mystery of her trauma. 


Developed by: Jordan Mochi
Genre: Survival Horror, Action Adventure
Platform: Windows

During the First World War, a lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches, scavenge for limited supplies and solve complex puzzles - all whilst fighting for survival in the midst of mankind’s most brutal and horrifying conflict. CONSCRIPT is a new take on classic survival horror.


Developed by: DragonBear Studios
Genre: Simulation, Action, Co-op
Platform: Windows

Run a Magical Inn with friends!

Taram's family Inn has been stolen by an evil wizard! To reclaim your family's legacy, team up with friends, manage your inn, brew potions, cook, and fight in a magical co-op inn adventure for 1-4 players.

Mars First Logistics

Developed by: Ian MacLarty
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Windows

Mars First Logistics is a physics-based open-world simulation game, where you design, build and control your own mechanical creations to deliver important packages between colony stations on Mars. Earn credits, unlock new technology, upgrade your vehicle and tame the hostile Martian landscape.

Vault of the Void

Developed by: Spider Nest Games
Genre: Card Game
Platform: Windows

A roguelite card game where you craft your deck, swapping in and out cards as you progress, perfecting the ultimate combos. Upgrade & customize your cards with Void Stones, infusing them with new abilities to help defeat the insidious minions that stand between you and The Void.


Developed by: James Allen
Genre: Car Racing
Platform: Tabletop

Feel the thrill of racing like never before with DRIFT, the next level in tabletop racing games for 2-4 players, featuring the exciting world of drift racing!

Unlike most other racing games, DRIFT simulates the feeling of driving a car using a completely innovative movement mechanic called the TrajecTile system.

On a player’s turn, they use a uniquely shaped set of tiles, TrajecTiles, to plot their car’s movement. The tiles represent the gears of a car. The lower the gear tile played, the shorter the tile but the further it can pivot in the previous tile. So, in first gear, although the car is not moving very far, it has the most maneuverability, while in 5th gear, the car is moving quite far but has the least maneuverability.

Special tiles allow the players to drift their car through turns, earning Edge Points they can then spend to break certain rules of the game and get even further ahead in an all-out race to the finish line! Drift has been a part of the PAX Collaboratory for 2018 and 2019 and was the winner of the Tabletop Game Designers of Australia Prototype of the Year award for 2019

Floating Floors

Developed by: Guf Studios
Genre: Tactile 3D Strategy
Platform: Tabletop

Floating Floors is a tactile 3D strategy game balance and cunning for 2 to 4 ninjas in 30 minutes. Become the architect of your own domain, creating a labyrinth of floating floorboards for you and your rival to cross as you compete to be the first to claim your opponent’s Bansen seals. But beware, if you misstep and fell to the depths below you must pay penalty to your opponent.

Each turn you will be collecting Jutsu pieces to build platforms for your floating floorboards, using them to create paths across the top of those floorboards, or placing them to counterbalance floorboards to provide you with safe passage across the domains. Each ninja must stay camouflaged on their path of shadow or light, only walking across spaces or Jutsu of their colour.

The first ninja to make their way across the domain and claim all four Bansen seals from their opponent wins the game.


Developed by: Two19
Genre: Card Game
Platform: Tabletop

Kingless is a fast-paced, easy to learn, hard to master card game. Kingless is designed to capture the imagination as you and 1-5 friends compete for the highest score while sabotaging each other using Dwarf themed cards with rich varied artwork that brings the game to life. Kingless offers a game experience that will have your table yelling and laughing for mostly the right reasons...

Each player has a hand composed of Dwarves, Events and Items drawing from the deck each turn or when certain cards are played. Dwarves and Items have an associated score which when in play counts towards a player's total score. Events can be used to remove other players' Dwarves or even make them your own. Turns are taken sequentially until an end game condition is reached, leaving all players a final turn to either push for the highest score or drag their friends down to their level.

Letter Drop

Developed by: Cutlass Boardgames
Genre: Word Game
Platform: Tabletop

Drop Letters. Make Words. Score Points. Letter Drop is a fresh twist on your favourite classic boardgames!


Developed by: Melting Parrot
Genre: Horror/Action-Adventure
Platform: Steam

Dap is a top-down horror action-adventure game about collecting and interacting with cute little critters called Daps. Set in a lush forest world beset by an alien infection, battle strange monstrosities and scavenge for resources while using your Daps to help you along the way. Meet bizarre, otherworldly creatures in damp and dark corners. Come face to face with powerful god-like beings who seek to destroy you. Travel to the spirit world and learn the truth behind the Daps and the infection. With influences spanning from The Legend of Zelda, the films of Studio Ghibli, to sci-fi author Phillip K Dick, Dap is a psychedelic, horrific, cute and unique take on the top down action/adventure genre.


Developed by: DragonBear Studios
Genre: Action RPG / Casual / Co-op
Platform: Steam / Nintendo Switch

Innchanted is a co-op adventure where you discover magical potions, serve otherworldly guests, and pacify monsters. Gather your party and journey on a quest to overcome the evil Wizard - your landlord!


Developed by: Samurai Punk
Genre: Action Comedy Sandbox
Platform: Steam

JUSTICE SUCKS: RECHARGED is an action comedy sandbox game about a killer robot vacuum cleaner on a quest for vengeance through a Neo-90s multiverse. Cuteness, comedy and over-the-top gruesome action collide like you’ve never seen before.

After the events of Roombo: First Blood, your family is brutally attacked by the FamilyCorp elimination squad and in the battle you’re thrown into the living room TV. On the brink of robodeath, your consciousness enters “the TV dimension” to gain the abilities you need to rise from the ashes and avenge your family.

Experience a collection of 90’s pop culture inspired sandbox worlds, starting with a futurist robotic cruise ship being invaded by the infamous SeaBoyz, a group of mischievous pop-band pirates. Use your hacking abilities to improvise traps using gadgets, hilariously bad robots and everyday objects as projectiles as you master your environment to discover exciting and hilarious solutions to your challenges.

Defeat your enemies and watch them explode into chunks of meat, and then do your vacuuming duty and clean up the mess afterwards. Consuming their blood and gibs powers you up to use exciting new blood abilities. Hone your vacuum combat skills within the Neo-90s TV multiverse, seek revenge for the murder of your family and show the world again that JUSTICE SUCKS.

Ring of Pain

Developed by: Twice Different
Genre: Dungeon crawler roguelike
Platform: Steam, Nintendo Switch

Ring of Pain is a dark dungeon crawler roguelike, in a world distorted by your mind.

Travel lands where terror lurks, embrace a curse you can’t reverse.

Through dungeons crawling, treasure hauling. Challenge calling, deeper falling.

Choose your gear and strategise. Learn, adapt or face demise.

TopplePOP: Bungee Blockbusters

Developed by: SAI Team
Genre: Puzzle Esport
Platform: Steam / Nintendo Switch

TopplePOP is physics puzzle eSports with bendy animal acrobats on bungee cords for 1-4 players in solo, co-op & PvP. Master deep skills to dominate team battles & racing leaderboards -or don’t! with assist-modes, bouncy couch parties & chill zen puzzles.


Developed by: Witch Beam
Genre: Zen Puzzle
Platform: Steam

Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Part “item Tetris”, part home decoration, you are invited to create a satisfying living space while learning clues about the life you’re unpacking. Over the course of eight house moves, you are given a chance to experience a sense of intimacy with a character you never see and a story you’re never told.

Death Hall

Developed by: Thomas Janson
Genre: Action
Platform: iOS

Run for your life and escape the Death Hall in this diabolical platform-hell game. Avoid an evil monster along with all manner of nasty traps and critters, as you make a bee-line for the exit. Will you make it out alive?

There’s also a mysterious merchant who lurks in the caves between levels, to offer you special items for the journey ahead. But who is he exactly and what is he up to? There’s only one way to find out.

Exo One

Developed by: Exbleative
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows

Exo One is a gravity-defying, exoplanetary journey. Pilot an alien craft and master its unique, gravity-based movement system. Glide across otherworldly landscapes, surf towering cloud formations, and reach incredible speeds and heights. Open a wormhole and step through into mankind’s first mission outside the solar system.

Ring of Pain

Developed by: Simon Boxer & Twice Different
Genre: Roguelike / Card Game
Platform: Windows

Ring of Pain blends the modern roguelike (Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon) with a turn-based card game, set in a world distorted by your mind.

It’s a dungeon crawler where each level is dealt from decks of cards, and the levels dynamically adjust based on player actions.

Collect items, discover your purpose, and choose wisely.


Developed by: Witch Beam
Genre: Zen / Puzzle
Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows

Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Part “item Tetris”, part home decoration, you are invited to create a satisfying living space while learning clues about the life you’re unpacking.

Wayward Strand

Developed by: Ghost Pattern
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows, iOS, Android

Wayward Strand is a touching, empathetic narrative game, woven together from many distinct threads, all of which play out simultaneously aboard an airborne hospital in 1970s Australia. In Wayward Strand you play as Casey Beaumaris, a teenage girl visiting the hospital for the first time. Over the course of three days, she will explore the history of the ship, the lives of its inhabitants, and their relationships to one another.

During the three days Casey spends on the ship, the characters around her live out their own stories - stories which she can investigate. Each character moves and acts of their own accord, on their own timeline - sharing news with each other, opinions; arguing; joking; gossiping - or having a chat with Casey when she comes by.

Wrestledunk Sports

Developed by: Team Fractal Alligator
Genre: Action Multiplayer
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Wrestledunk Sports is a Super tight, fast, fun, multiplayer arcade-style collection of sports! Designed to be really quick to get into, but have lots of depth. Crunchslam opponents in the minimalist-fighting-game-type Wrestling, or lay down spikes in the technical, fast-paced Volleyball. Maybe precision strikes in the shifting arcade levels of fencing is more your jam - or go straight for light speed hyper-pong in space with Smashball. Co-op or competitive, you might as well just try them all. Get your Wrestledunk on!


Developed by: Ian MacLarty
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iOS

Dissembler is a subtle logic puzzler about unraveling bold, abstract designs one colour at a time.

Double Shot

Developed by: Aberrant Realities
Genre: Virtual Reality Bartender / Shooter
Platform: Windows

A fast paced, neon soaked VR bartending adventure in the 80’s. Serve drinks, shoot bad guys, and look rad doing it.


Developed by: Caustic Reality
Genre: Adventure / Horror
Platform: Windows

Infliction is an interactive nightmare. You’ll piece together clues and try to atone for past sins. All the while a malevolent force dogs your footsteps, seeking retribution.

Mars Underground

Developed by: Moloch Media
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows

Mars Underground is an apocalyptic adventure where you relive the same day over and over. Explore the possibilities of this timeloop and uncover multiple endings.

Spin Rhythm

Developed by: Super Entertainment
Genre: Rhythm / Music
Platform: Windows

Spin Rhythm is an interdimensional electronic music adventure featuring fluid, analogue controls and hand-crafted levels.


Developed by: Tim Veletta
Genre: Action / Local Multiplayer
Platform: Windows

TELEBLAST is a fast-paced, local multiplayer game where up to 4 players can attempt to outplay each other using teleporters that explode when you use them.


Developed by: EarthWorks Games
Genre: Strategy
Platform: Windows

Forts is a physics-based RTS where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and blast their opponent’s creations to rubble.

Build an armoured fort in real-time and arm it to the teeth. Collect resources, develop your tech-tree, unlock advanced weapons to target your opponent’s weak points, and feel the satisfaction as their fort comes crashing down.


Developed by: Ninja Thumbs Ltd.
Genre: Arena Brawler
Platform: Windows

Grabity is a physics-based, arena brawler where 2-4 players wield grab guns to turn objects into lethal projectiles or makeshift shields. Twin-stick twitch reflexes combine with tactical thinking in this side-on, 2.5D grab ’em up – best enjoyed with friends couch-style for maximum trash-talk and combat shenanigans!


Developed by: Shadowplay Studios Pty Ltd
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Platform: Windows

Projection is a 2D shadow puppet game about light manipulation, curiosity and lost art. When the world is made of shadows, the one who can control the light can control the world. The themes of the game are closely related with popular tales from Indonesia, China, Turkey, Greece, and England.

Sky Noon

Developed by: Lunar Rooster
Genre: Multiplayer First Person Shooter
Platform: Windows

Sky Noon is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in an alternate Wild West, where Smash Brothers inspired push and pull combat takes place on floating islands.

Players are equipped with a grappling hook, a lasso and an arsenal of weapons and abilities, found in randomised weapon crates on the maps, designed to knock other players away. There is no health in Sky Noon, instead players need to outflank and outplay their opponents to knock them off the ‘Floating Frontier’, an alternate Western world in the clouds!

The Gardens Between

Developed by: The Voxel Agents
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows

The Gardens Between is an adventure puzzle game where best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a world of mysterious gardens. Together the duo will traverse backwards and forwards through moments in time. The Gardens Between tells an evocative story about what it means to grow up, what must be let go what should never be left behind.

Virtually Impossible

Developed by: Growl Interactive
Genre: Party, Arcade
Platform: Windows

The Impossible VR Party Game. Challenge your friends to a marathon of ridiculous challenges. Deceivingly simple and hilarious for players and audiences that is sure to bring the room to its feet.

Players will compete in a kart race to achieve the furthest distance. But beware, in order to advance you will have to overcome impossible challenges. Gameplay specifically designed for VR that puts players dexterity, intelligence and reflexes to the test.

Mini Metro

Developed by: Dinosaur Polo Club
Genre: Simulation / Strategy / Puzzle
Platform: iOS

Mini Metro is a strategy simulation game about designing a subway map for a growing city. Draw lines between stations and start your trains running. Keep your lines efficient by redrawing them as new stations open. Decide where to use your limited resources. How long can you keep the city moving?

Objects In Space

Developed by: Flat Earth Games
Genre: Stealth Space Trading
Platform: Windows

Objects in Space is a modempunk stealth space-trading game set in Apollo – a huge cluster of star systems dozens of lightyears away from Earth. You are a lonesome ship’s captain, buying and selling wares in order to keep your bucket of bolts afloat and stay one step ahead of pirates, organised criminals, corrupt governments and shady laws.


Developed by: Jacob Janerka
Genre: Surreal Point-and-click Adventure
Platform: Windows / Mac

Paradigm is a surreal point-and-click adventure game set in the strange and post apocalyptic world of Krusz; a land inspired by a mix of Eastern Europe and the 70’s and 80’s. 

You play as the unattractive yet over-confident mutated Paradigm; who must prevail through inconvenient trials to overcome the insecure yet tyrannical sloth antagonist, Olof! Imagine a cross between The Mighty Boosh, Lucas Arts adventures and Fallout.

The Adventure Pals

Developed by: Massive Monster
Genre: RPG / Platformer / Adventure
Platform: Windows / Mac

The Adventure Pals is a quirky game about friendship involving a small boy and the crazy adventures he goes on with his giraffe and pet rock. The boy must explore his childhood as he goes on an epic quest to rescue his papa from being turned into a hot dog.

The Eyes of Ara

Developed by: 100 Stones Interactive
Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
Platform: Windows

Alone on a remote island stands an ancient weathered castle, steeped in legend, shrouded in mystery. For years it has remained quiet and undisturbed, and yet still the townspeople recall old stories of restless dreams, violent storms, and the eerie glow of ghostly lights dancing in the mist. Recently a mysterious radio signal has begun broadcasting from somewhere within the ancient walls. Something inside the castle has awoken, and someone needs to venture inside to uncover the truth…


Developed by: Sneaky Bastards
Genre: Stealth
Platform: Windows

Wildfire is a stealth platformer where you have the ability to control the elements of fire, water, and earth. As this rare, latent power unexpectedly manifests within you, you’ll find yourself pursued by a deadly army of swordswomen, skilled archers, and their vicious, trained animals, who fear what you are capable of. Sneak in shadows, creep through tall grass, and conceal yourself in smoke as you summon fire to terrify your foes. Douse infernos with water, or freeze enemies in ice. Grow grass to hide in, or vines to reach new heights. Use your enemies’ fear against them to create opportunities to slip past, or trick them into their own demise - but be careful that the fires you start don’t grow out of control and scorch everything in their path - including you!

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

Developed by: Yak & Co
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iOS

Agent A is a spy themed puzzle game for Smartphones, Tablets and erm… Shoephones?! Your mission (should you choose to accept of course) is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideaway and catch her! Uncover a stylish 60s themed world full of hidden contraptions and clever logic based puzzles. Oh and do be careful, Miss La Rouge has a taste for dismissing agents such as yourself…

Armed with Wings: Rearmed

Developed by: Sun-Studios
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Windows

Armed with Wings: Rearmed is a 2D action/puzzle platformer set in the dark and dilapidated world of Black Mist. Players control a capable hero and cunning eagle, traveling through various lands and fortresses that challenge the player’s ability to solve puzzles, engage enemies and traverse platforms.

Death Squared

Developed by: SMG Studio
Genre: Co-op Puzzler
Platform: Windows

Death Squared is a game about learning how to not obliterate your companion as you navigate a set of environments that are mechanically mapped to you in surprisingly unhelpful ways. It builds an immediate need for communication, coordination, and collective problem solving.


Developed by: Team Fractal Alligator
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Windows

Hacknet is a terminal-driven hacking game with competitive multiplayer, a fully internally-consistent network simulation and a realistic interface. It follows the story of recently deceased hacker “Bit”, whose death may not be the ‘accident’ the media reports. You stand in for no one, as most games have you do - play for yourself, make your own decisions, and see the world react - if you’re leaving a trace that is. Hacknet has no protagonist, other than the person using it. Don’t be reckless though - it’s more real than you think.

Hollow Knight

Developed by: Team Cherry
Genre: Action Adventure
Platform: Windows

Hollow Knight is a 2D action-adventure game with an emphasis on traditional 2D animation and skillful gameplay. Journey to Hallownest, a vast and ancient underground kingdom inhabited by a bizarre collection of insects and monsters. Players will forge their own path as they explore ruined cities, forests of fungus, temples of bone and other fantastic lands, all on their way to uncovering an ancient mystery.


Developed by: Craftven
Genre: Multiplayer Action
Platform: Windows

Werewolf dodgeball in a top-down arena! Lupinball is a hectic contest of firing bright power shots at your opponents while avoiding theirs. Power shots never stop flying around, continually bouncing off walls and shields until they kill an opponent unlucky or careless enough to be in its way. As you can imagine, the arena gets much more chaotic and dangerous as the round continues, so stay focused and keep moving (and shooting)!

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity

Developed by: Cross-Product
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Windows

Captured from its undersea home by a mechanical alien race, the player – a ‘Grimpoteuthis abyssicola’ (Dumbo Octopus) must journey through a strange and disorienting environment where gravity follows the contours of the land and blobs of water float suspended in the air. There’s no fighting in Airscape – you’ll have to run, jump, and dodge your way past torpedoes, rockets, lasers, seekers, and more.

Assault Android Cactus

Developed by: Witch Beam
Genre: Action
Platform: Windows, PS4, PSVita, Wii U

Assault Android Cactus is a manic twin stick shooter with one to four player local co-op, combining arcade style gameplay with masses of enemies, transforming environments and a colourful cast of synthetic heroines. Using a battery timer mechanic in place of lives, Assault Android Cactus is built around high speed gameplay and skillful chaining of enemy kills. Set across five decks of a massive spaceship, robot opponents slash, shoot, launch missiles from their backs, fire screen sweeping lasers and create smaller enemies to attack, while the giant enemy bosses fight with everything they’ve got across multiple phases.


Developed by: Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

Expand is a single player video game in which players explore a circular labyrinth constructed as an abstract black and white geometric landscape. Players must avoid getting squashed as the labyrinth twists, stretches and reveals itself, always responding to the players actions and movements.


Developed by: Blowfish Studios
Genre: FPS Creator
Platform: Windows, Xbox One

Gunscape provides a toolbox of iconic weapons, monsters and level elements as the foundation for players to build co-op and single-player levels or multiplayer arenas in the most intuitive way possible. It does this by offering a series of easy-to-use tools based on a block-placement interface most gamers are accustomed to. And unlike similar tools currently available on the market, Gunscape aims to empower its authors to enjoy the process of abstract level design by imposing the same kind of refreshing constraints that the still-enduring user map communities of the earliest FPS games such as Doom™ enjoyed; rather than building a game, players build a level within a game that features robust action gameplay and a vast array of weapons, enemies and level components specifically designed to compliment one another.


Developed by: Samurai Punk
Genre: Shooter
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Screencheat is the split-screen party shooter where everyone is invisible and you have to “screencheat” to win!

Wave Wave

Developed by: Thomas Janson
Genre: Arcade
Platform: iOS

Wave Wave is a savage arcade game that challenges players to shift up and down precisely as a sharp wave, desperately dodging a never-ending onslaught of geometric doom. Players are hooked into a blitzing world of constant deaths and instant restarts.


Developed by: Alexander Bruce
Genre: First Person Puzzle
Platform: Windows

Antichamber is a mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted. Discover an Escher-like world where hallways wrap around upon each other, spaces reconfigure themselves, and accomplishing the impossible may just be the only way forward.

Black Annex

Developed by: Man Fight Dragon
Genre: Action Strategy
Platform: Windows

Black Annex is an action strategy game where the player operates the hands-on business of corporate sabotage and infiltration. Manage company resources, customise and outfit your agents before deploying them to steal, destroy, kidnap and kill as the mission and your own choices dictate.

The player will need to divide their time between taking care of business at Black Annex where they’ll be represented by the PERSONA of their choice from their collection of agents, and then taking direct control of up-to five agents deployed to various missions spanning a number of unique, corporate locations.


Developed by: Kumobius
Genre: Action / Arcade
Platform: iOS

DUET is a fast-paced, classical arcade flyer. Your survival is dependent on protecting two vessels - they are devices in sync, a dance and song between two entities tethered together in symbiosis. Return to an age of high scores and edge of your seat terror where the world around you becomes quiet and numb as all that matters is the game living between your palms.

Fractured Soul

Developed by: Endgame Studios
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Nintendo 3DS, Windows

Fractured Soul is a retro style platform game like Mega Man, except that it is played across both screens of the 3DS at once. It features: 5 worlds - each with unique properties on the upper screen (such as inverted gravity), shmup sections, and online leaderboards to compete for the best speedrun times in the world.


Developed by: Impromptu Games
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Windows, Mac

InFlux is a puzzle game that mixes exploration and puzzle platforming in a series of beautiful natural and abstract environments. You are a mysterious metal sphere which falls from the sky, traversing an apparently deserted island dotted with cubic structures of glass and steel. Each glasshouse is a puzzle to be solved.

MacGuffin's Curse

Developed by: Brawsome
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Platform: Windows, Mac and iOS

When fugitive magician Lucas MacGuffin bungles a museum robbery, he finds himself bound to an ancient amulet, trapped in a city in high-tech lockdown, and suddenly fighting the urge to scratch himself. As a human, Lucas is agile and cunning. As a gigantic wolf, he’d rather smash anything in his way. Only by transforming between the two forms, cleverly utilising both sets of skills, will he stand any chance of lifting his curse. Along the way he’ll need to befriend a hilarious cast of characters, convince the city its most beloved citizen is a terrifying criminal mastermind, and hardest of all, teach his daughter it isn’t funny to fill the fridge with dog food.