We strive to elevate all aspects of the culture around gaming, and perhaps nowhere is that more evident than our panels.

Panel submissions now open for PAX Aus in October - Applications close July 26!

Virtual Theatres

We’ll be broadcasting three simultaneous channels of the best gaming content we could find through virtually all show hours.

Expo Hall

PAX has collected all the exhibitors offering free, playable demos and discounts on our Steam Event Page. Check it out to see specials that are only offered during PAX Aus Online!

Indie Showcase

Hundreds will submit their game, but only a select few make it through the gauntlet of industry judges to be crowned an Indie Showcase Winner.

PAX Rising

Our hand picked indie developer area displays great indie titles, each of which we think has something special to offer.


PAX Collaboratory is a space dedicated to unreleased tabletop games, where designer meets playtester. Except the playtester is you! Come and get hands-on with unreleased games, playtest with the designers themselves and help shape the next generation of tabletop!

PAX Arena

What happens when you bring the world’s most competitive gamers together and pit them against each other for fame, glory, and cold hard cash? Let’s find out!

Cosplay Central

Chill at the Cosplay Lounge, listen in on panels or workshops, run to the repair station and for the first time at PAX Aus, the Australian leg of The Cosplay Central Crown Championships!


There is an ever-growing number of games and only a finite number of waking hours, so it makes sense to play them all as fast as possible. At least that's how speedrunning was explained to us? Come and see the best speedrunners in the world fall through floors, forward roll, and set new records.

Discord Interactivity

PAX has always been a community event, and Discord is where our community can interact with the show all weekend long, from all over the world. Discord is free to join, so come say hi to the community!


Meet up with friends and play a whole host of board games and RPGs online! Check out the full schedule and put on your robe and wizard hat, or check out our virtual lending library of board and card games thanks to our friends at Tabletopia.


We’ve selected champions from the audience to compete against each other for your amusement, but beware, the road to the Final Round of the Omegathon is paved with tears and broken dreams. Nah, honestly it’s really great for everyone. See for yourself!


If you’ve got the guts to put your skills to the test and compete with fans from around the world, we’ve got a tournament for you. Check out the full schedule and remember: Thumb scars will fade, but bragging rights are eternal.

PAX Together

PAX Together is a curated selection of games and groups meant to celebrate a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within gaming. Whether you’re here to meet old friends or find new faves, we aim to have something for everybody.

Social Games

You got a phone? Then you got a game! Check out our lists of easy-to-play browser and mobile games, get a group together, or if you’re really lucky, jump into a session hosted by yours truly.