Is your life a maelstrom of scrap paper, scribbled notes and cardsleeves? Are you unfathomably excited when you discover the perfect meeple? Are you reciting probaility of various dice cominations in your sleep?

We want to share your creations with the world! If you’re designing a tabletop game, whether that’s a board game, a card game, or an RPG, we have the village at the foot of castle ready for you to unleash your Frankenstein. Yes, we know Frankenstein was the doctor. Just go with it. And say hello to PAX Collaboratory!

PAX Collaboratory is a space dedicated to unreleased tabletop games. If you’re a designer with an unpublished tabletop game and you’re ready to unveil your promethean labours to the world, join PAX Collaboratory!

PAX Collaboratory is made possible through the support of Tabletop Game Designers Australia -

Click below to apply for PAX Collaboratory! Submissions close 14th July.

Playtest Zone: Be a Part of Tabletop Game Creation.

A bunch of Game Design students from Collarts are showcasing their latest games in development and looking for your feedback and suggestions. These games run every 2 hours from 11am every day of PAX Aus. Hosted by the Australian Roleplay Community.

Collaboratory Class Archives

Established in 2021, PAX Collaboratory has played host to more than 50 in development board games, card games and RPGs. Click below to view the historical archives of Collaboratory.