Each year we receive over a hundred game submissions from the incredibly talented independant gaming community. They are analyzed, critiqued, and judged until only a few remain, which are then featured at the show as winners of the Indie Showcase.

Highlighting the best of the Australian & New Zealand independent development scene, the PAX Aus Indie Showcase brings 10 titles (6 digital, 4 tabletop) selected by industry vets to the show floor at PAX this year. Previous winners from the 10-year history of the competition include Unpacking, Mini Metro, and Hacknet.

Aus Indie Showcase Winners Archive

So you wanna know more about the history of the Aus Indie Showcase, do ya? The Kings and Queens of PAX's past? Well look no further than the Indie Showcase winners archive. Learn more about every Indie Showcase winner dating back to our first show back in 2013! Let us take you on a journey...