The Omegathon is a Mega-Tournament spanning the entire length of PAX, featuring games of all platforms and genres.

Our Chief Omegatech seeks out 24 competitors known as 'Omeganauts' to face off in this prestigious annual tournament held on stage at the show. These competitors are predominantly selected from our pool of registered 3-Day badge holders, so be sure to opt in to enter the Omegathon when you purchase your badge!

Our Omeganauts compete over six rounds in a knockout elimination format, culminating in a well-kept secret final round hosted at the end of Sunday in the Main Theatre to serve as the closing ceremony of every PAX.

The prize for the victor? A trip to the PAX of their choice. For their opponent? A one-way ticket to next year's Omegathon. The wheel keeps turning.

The Omegathon is run during all 3 days of PAX! The full schedule will be available from sometime in September. What we can say for sure is that two rounds will take place each day, with the Final Round closing out the show in the Main Theatre.

During the badge purchasing process, you will be given the chance to flag your interest in participating in the Omegathon. 
Entry to the Omegathon is limited to 3-Day badge holders, as we need to ensure each of our Omeganauts can make all three days should they go the distance.

Our Omeganauts are normally selected and contacted after our badge mailout deadline in August. We will be sure to announce on our socials when our Chief Omegatech is making the fabled calls.

Check the schedule for the times and places of each round in the Omegathon. Each round can also be watched live (or post-event) on Twitch

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